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Software Engineer, User Interface

Bellevue, Wa, Washington, United States

Ref#: 3544

Date published: 29-Jun-2018

What if I told you that you could design and create rich and compelling web interfaces, develop advanced and performant RESTful API’s and provide access to multiple high-performance computing clusters all focused to help reduce or eliminate some of humanities most impactful and vexing disease burdens that affect millions of people globally?  What if you could work with some of the most well-respected epidemiologists, scientists, researchers, mathematicians and software engineers all focused on the same thing? Sound interesting?

As part of Intellectual Ventures' Global Good initiative, the Institute for Disease Modeling’s (IDM) mission is to guide global efforts towards the eradication and control of infectious disease through the use and promotion of quantitative analysis. IDM is a collaborative effort to simulate the eradication of infectious diseases using computer software. The IDM team is a highly dynamic organization with a work environment that is defined by innovation and collaboration. Our team is composed of research scientists and software professionals who focus on creating powerful and innovative disease modeling and data analysis tools to help researchers and policy makers understand diseases, their causes, the way they spread, and the best types of interventions to use for the particular situation faced. The IDM team architects advanced models of disease transmission, develops computational tools to inform global disease eradication policy, conducts analysis of epidemiologically- and policy-relevant data, and identifies critical knowledge gaps.  As part of our work, we routinely collaborate with groups at the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, PATH, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ministries of health in the developing world, as well as universities and research institutes. IDM is committed to improving and saving lives in developing countries through the use of quantitative analysis.

This Software Engineer position will develop software tools for all stages of the disease modeling pipeline. This pipeline includes designing and creating tools accelerating research workflows; specifying and commissioning simulation jobs on a high-performance computing cluster; detailed simulation of disease transmission dynamics; data reduction and analysis of simulation output; culminating in rich web based data visualization tools. The ideal candidate is passionate about creating a great user experience by working with internal stakeholder sand customers to better understand their needs. This is a rare opportunity to use your technical skills to improve and save lives in developing countries.

  • Integrate with IDM teams to create a great user experience by building simple, intuitive, and complete user interfaces and modeling workflows.
  • Work collaboratively with the research and software development teams to derive a development plan with stories and tasks to complete work iteration(s).
  • Work with other UI developers to achieve cohesive user workflows and adhere to existing code paradigms.
  • Participate with the Test team to develop test plans and test automation scripts.
  • Review specifications, software designs, and peer code reviews for both software and research team members.
  • Participate in the specification, review, and design of work on UX.
  • Participate with other development and testing team members to complete work iterations.
Qualifications and Skills:
  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or at least 4 years of software development experience.
  • Must have at least 2 years of user interface development experience in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Must have at least 2 years using C# or Java.
  • Experience in developing highly interactive and performant user interfaces.
  • Must work in an iterative/agile team environment.
  • Must have experience developing unit/component tests.
  • Must be familiar with using integrated development environment to develop code.
  • Must work well with team members.
  • Must have experience developing unit tests for a unit test harness for the user interface
  • At least 2 years of relational database programming experience is a plus.
  • Experience with Visual Studio is a plus.
  • Experience with Python and/or C++ is a plus.
  • Experience with Docker, yarn, webpack, restify, unit testing for web application is a plus.
  • Science or engineering background is a plus.
We are an equal opportunity employer

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